Losing Weight With The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide


Being overweight is the fear of every woman. We leave in a world where to a woman her beauty, her body size and shape is her strength. This makes gaining weight a nightmare for women. Many companies have come out offering products for women to help them reduce the excess weight and even to avoid gaining weight. Well, Kayla Itsines can help you with her Bikini Body Guide.

Search the internet today and the result will be a lot of websites full of information on how to avoid weight loss, how to lose weight and the products to purchase. The challenge is that out there lies genuine people but also, companies who would want to take advantage of people desperate to have good health.

About Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is an Australian who was certified to be a gym instructor while still in her teenage years. She began her career working in a women training center before she later decided to develop her own training routines. She was motivated to develop the training routines because clients began complaining that the routines at the center did not deliver good results, especially on the stomach areas or abs.

After Kayla realized that her programs were working she left the company, did more research on diets and came out with a product called the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. To this date, she is recognized by the whole world as one of the best health body transformation coaches for women, because of the success of her product.


About the Bikini Body Guide

RecipesThe product is a 12 week program that focuses on the arms, leg’s and abs. It’s called a bikini guide because it has been designed for women to lose weight, strengthen their bodies to make them look good in a bikini. The program has a nutritional and a workout component in it The nutrition guide also covers 12 weeks.

The good thing about the guide is that they can be easily downloaded as PDF formats, costing $ 69.97 each You can also save $19 if you purchase both at the same time. The bikini body guide is not like other slim quickly tips that are very common out there on the internet, The guides have helped many women by instructing them on their diets and the right way to exercise.


How the Bikini Body Guide works

The bikini guide is very basic and easy to use. The 12 week workout has been simplified making it easy to begin with in the right way without mistakes. The good thing is that you can administer the bikini guide workout yourself. The program is progressive it starts with small challenges then as you progress it takes you through the higher challenges. This is important since it helps your body to slowly adapt to the challenges. The workout is well designed because you only have to do a workout for six days per week but only half an hour for a single day.

The HELP eating plan Workout and nutrition are a great combination if you’re looking for that good sexy body shape. The Bikini Body Guide HELP component is part of a nutrition guide that gives info on why you should eat clean and where to begin the journey. The good thing about the guide is not only explains why you should eat some certain type of foods but it goes ahead to even specify when to eat the foods.

nutrition guide


Does it Really Work?

If you visit the Kayla Itsines website you will find amazing success stories of women who tried the products and have seen great results after purchasing the guides and following the specified routines. You can also google Bikini Body Guides and you will be amazed at all the success stories of those who have tried the product.


Training Videos

I found some training video to help you understand what it’s about.