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Nature Tours in Golden Bay's Spectacular North-West

Few regions provide such a wealth of dramatic natural wonders to explore within such a small and accessible area. The diverse landscapes of North-West Golden Bay provide breathtaking views, rich habitats for wildlife and living cultural and historic journeys.

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From alpine peaks to lowland marshes; weather worn coastal cliffs to soft rolling farmland; dense native jungle to gentle tidal flats -- all these ecosystems and many others are within easy reach.

If you're ready for adventure, beauty and something to tempt your every sense, you're bound to find it here. Take a few days (or more if you can) and discover the natural wonders of Golden Bay's North-West.

Experience It For Yourself

Farewell Spit Nature Experiences provides high quality nature tours. Its your chance to see another world and to visit some of New Zealand's most remote and spectacular locations:

This comprehensive tour explores Farewell Spit Nature Reserve and the breathtaking panoramic views of Pillar Point.

Six Hour Farewell Spit Nature Experience

A must for landscape photographers, this tour takes in Farewell Spit and the dramatic Pillar Point with 360 degree views over the North-West.

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Immerse yourself in this dramatic landscape of shifting sands and migrating wildlife.

Four Hour Farewell Spit Nature Experience

Travel to the Farewell Spit Lighthouse and beyond as we share unique insights into the many intrigues of this world class wildlife sanctuary.

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Farewell Spit Nature Experience

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